Employee Screening

"The best predictor of future behavior is a person's past behavior," said Steven K. Brown, founder of HindSight Services Inc, 1996.

After the Trade Tower incident on 9/11/2001 every employer realizes the need to perform a diligent background investigation on new and/or present employees. HindSight offers a Patriot Act Compliance search at minimal cost.

HindSight serves human resource departments in companies large and small, including the service industries, government contractors, manufacturing, banking, mortgage, lending, and the airline industry.

Our clients can interface directly with our website, enter information and have instant access to some of the standard searches like driving histories, social security traces/verifications, and some criminal history information. Clients can also log on twenty-four hours a day and monitor the progress of their requests. A simple click on a button will format and allow you to print, download, or email the completed report.

A typical applicant background would include a social security trace to verify the applicant's residences over the past ten years. Then we recommend a search of criminal histories in those counties of past and present residence. The scope of the criminal history search should be tempered by the responsibility of the applied for position.

If your business handles government contracts or works in other sensitive areas you'll want a Patriot Act Search, which is a very inexpensive way to check all of the US Government's publically available terrorist watch lists. Most government contracts require this.

Many companies have employees that drive company vehicles, or may have some liability if their employee causes an accident while on company business in their privately owned automobile (POA). If this is your situation you'll want a driving history search (Motor Vehicle Record-MVR ) performed on your applicant before offering them a position. We have access to MVRs in all 50 states. Most of these are returned instantly to your computer screen once you enter the request.

If you're considering hiring an applicant who must have certain credentials, such as a CPA, or must hold professional licenses, let us verify those credentials and educational requirements for you.

Hindsight will be glad to contact your applicant's previous employers to verify dates of employment, duties, and position. We'll also contact their references if you desire.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) governs certain aspects of pre-employment background screening. Hindsight Services background division is in compliance with all aspects of the FCRA.

One of the requirements of the FCRA is the notification of adverse action in the denial of employment. This adverse action letter gives the prospective employee the opportunity to dispute any inaccurate information that is reported on applicant. Hindsight, as a courtesy to our clients, will, if requested, provide the appropriate Adverse Action Notification to your applicant. We know of no other screening company that offers this service.