Tenant Screening

Hindsight Services provides quality tenant screening at affordable prices. In today's economy we understand that landlords need to cut costs wherever possible.

Hindsight's tenant screening program offers a variety of products that you can choose "a la carte," or let us build a program that fits your needs.

Packages-We can package our tenant screening searches in prepaid groups of 5, 10, 20, or 50 searches for additional savings.

We suggest a basic tenant screen would include the following:

An Eviction Insight search:
Zebras don't change their stripes and neither do tenants. This national eviction database provides a one-stop location for quick, cost effective and legally compliant access to millions of eviction records that have been extracted from county public records. The system offers an automated and sophisticated search engine eliminating manual look-ups by your staff. The data meets legal reporting requirements set by federal and state legislation.

Social Security Trace:
This search provides up-to-date information on an applicant's past addresses and movement patterns based on name and social security number. This report provides full name, alternate names used by the applicant and dates at listed addresses. It also verifies your applicants social security number and other possible names that might be linked to your applicants SSN.

Credit Score Card:
This credit based report takes the credit bureau information and scores it as a simple pass or fail. It evaluates the following credit issues: Credit Score, Income to rent ratio, Income to debt ratio, charge offs and collections except medical and student loans, and Bankruptcy within the last 4 years. All of that data goes into the system and you get a pass/fail without having to decipher the credit data yourself.

Criminal Record search:
We search the county records of residence where your prospective tenant resided. Or we can provide an instant multi-jurisdictional search of criminal records. The instant search does not search all jurisdictions but it is quick for those decisions you need to make today.