Welcome to HindSight Inc

We’re glad you stopped in. Here you can learn something about the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how it affects your needs in screening applicants and tenants. You can preview the many tools and packages we offer to efficiently solve your screening needs.

Notice on the top left hand corner of this page is our Client Login. Once we’ve developed a screening approach for you this is where you will login and input the data on your prospective applicant. (Go ahead, click on it and look at our login page.) Our powerful server with redundant backups is available to handle your screening needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our server saves your application data and the reports we generate for 6 months. Anytime during that period you can print, download, or otherwise access your orders.

Once you’ve logged-in you can choose the screening package that fits you best, or pick “a la carte” if a package isn’t just exactly right. Input your applicant’s data and we’ll take it from there. Our normal turn-around-time is 24 hours or less. Many of our product solutions are returned instantly to your screen, no waiting. Do you want to hire a driver today and need that driving history now? You got it .

Protect yourself and your company. Decrease your liability in negligent hiring lawsuits by letting us perform a good faith background check on your potential new hire. The few dollars you spend today might well save you millions down the road. Don’t send a repairman, cleaner, or exterminator, into someone’s home or apartment without knowing their background.

Call us today for pricing and package information. We can have you up and running within 30 minutes. 1-888-299-7574