Our Services

Hindsight Services Inc. offers professional background screening at reasonable prices.

Criminal Searches
County by county or a proprietary national search. Statewide searches where available. Also available in Puerto Rico.

Federal Criminal Searches
We conduct a national search of Federal Criminal Cases. If your subject has been charged by the FBI, Treasury, DEA or in any other federal criminal proceeding within the last 10 years we’ll find it.

Civil Searches
Are you looking for civil suits, foreclosures, liens, judgments and local, state, and federal tax liens? You’ve come to the right place.

Document Retrieval
Need to find that divorce file or a copy of a complaint? We’re the people to get that for you anywhere in the United States.

Due Diligence
We offer a Due Diligence search on individuals and corporations in any jurisdiction within the United States. Our Due Diligence search includes, civil, criminal, bankruptcy, and UCC liens. Don’t invest without first having Hindsight Services conduct a due diligence investigation for you.