Who is hindsight background services?

Q. Who is HindSight Background Services?
A. Hindsight Services Inc. is a Florida Corporation, first incorporated in 2002. Our CEO, Steve Brown, is a former Special Agent with the F.B.I. and has been a national leader in the Private Investigative industry for 25 years.

What laws govern background screening?

Q. What laws govern background screening?
A. Background Screening in the United States is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and under this Federal Act, Hindsight is considered a consumer reporting agency. All of HindSight Inc's backgrounds are completed in compliance with the FCRA. Many of our competitors however may not fully comply with the FCRA controls and therefore could adversely put their clients at risk. 

WHERE Do you get your information from?

Q. Where does HindSight Services Inc obtain their information?
A. The basic rule in background screening is to search "the best available records." This usually includes industry standard databases, searching the county courthouse records in the county where your applicant has resided as well as our proprietary national and international databases. See our Product Offerings page for a comprehensive overview.

HOW far back can you search?

Q. How far back does a typical HindSight search go?
A. Pre-employment backgrounds are limited in scope by some state statutes. Some states allow criminal records in pre-employment screening to be reported for twenty years back or even earlier. Other states restrict the reporting of criminal record histories to only seven years. Below is a list of the restrictive states and their reporting requirements: 

Seven year states: California, Colorado, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico (seven years from date of release or parole), Nevada, New York (convictions only), Texas, Washington. 

Conviction reporting only, Kentucky, no time limit. 

All other states have no restrictions on the scope of reporting criminal histories. 

How quickly can my screening be completed?

Q. How quickly can my screening be completed?
A. Turn around time or (TAT):

Criminal searches: A normal TAT is 24 to 48 hours for searching and reporting criminal records. Some jurisdictions take longer. Many are same day.

Driving History: Instant in most states. Some report overnight.
Social Security Trace: Instant
Criminal Offender Profile: Instant
Eviction Insight: Instant
Credential Verification: Same day/next day
Education Verification: Same day/next day

Q. How much can I expect to spend to conduct a background search?

A. Like most things in life, the answer is: "It depends."  Factors that can influence the cost of a search are variables such as: How many counties do you want to search, what depth of detail are you required to investigate?  How many searches per month do you expect to conduct?  Etc.  We can customize a basic to comprehensive search depending on your needs.  We'll work with you to create a search that gives you the right level of confidence, while working within your budget.  Call us to get a free quote:  904-819-9700. 


Q. How can I be sure my report is error free?
A. Accuracy and proprietary records searching is what sets HindSight apart from the competition: Each of our reports is reviewed by a human investigator for accuracy. When we note a potential error we alert our clients to the discrepancy. Nevertheless, information reported is only as accurate as the clerk in the courthouse who originally recorded the data to the courthouse docket. We are not liable for any misreporting or inaccuracies by the clerks of the court or any other jurisprudence reporting system. All reports should be reviewed for inaccuracies or discrepancies before taking adverse action. 

How can I be sure my report is accurate?